Zim Citizens Working Outside The Country To Be Taxed

Zim Citizens Working Outside The Country To Be Taxed
Published: 2016 May 18 11:36:52 (53266 Views)

The government has drafted a Diaspora policy, which seeks to tap into remittances that are estimated to be about $1,8 billion per annum.


This comes as the importance of remittances has risen, as they are now generating more money than foreign direct investment (FDI).

Speaking at a stakeholder engagement Workshop on a review of the Industrial Development Policy (IDP) yesterday in Harare, government consultant, Gibson Chigumira said the policy would govern how government could tap into remittances.

"This is a policy where we are saying how do we tap into remittances from overseas for the economy. Currently, there is a draft policy awaiting approval," he said.

The lack of liquidity and the recent negative response to the introduction of bond notes have contributed to government seeking alternative sources of income to boost the economy.

ZNCC chief executive officer Christopher Mugaga said with more than two million Zimbabweans living outside the country, there was need to seriously look into that space.

"A simple fact that we have more than two million Zimbabweans residing outside the country calls for concerted efforts to tap into their skills and purses, as a way to industrialisation. It is also a fact that Diaspora remittances are one of the major sources of liquidity in Zimbabwe ahead of FDI," he said.

Mugaga said some of the policy measures that government can adopt are a transfer of know-how through expatriate nationals (Tokten), return of qualified Zimbabwe nationals (RQZN) programme and Zimbabwean network of skilled Africans.

Tokten would be used for to recapture some of the experience of highly skilled expatriate professionals residing outside their countries of origin; RQZN would reduce the gap between the Zimbabwe economy and the fast-growing international market, by using services of their citizens in the Diaspora.


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Anonymous user 2019 July 16 08:09:04
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم
Anonymous user 2016 October 05 07:58:32
a smart move I support it guys .lets pay . to support More tougher times
Anonymous user 2016 September 19 07:15:05
Post current leadership and I mean all of them not just the old , it will be a good idea. Disastrous idea with the current leadership as we would just be feeding their pockets . And also if the idea comes with dual citizenship and again post current leadership.
Anonymous user 2016 September 16 22:41:21
We are self-sponsored students in diaspora. We expect the govt to give us financial assistance from the Presidential Scholarship Fund.
Anonymous user 2016 September 15 12:50:22
Ndodzinonzi hope, yangu over my grave, nhasi makangamwa " Kuenda kumiri kunogeza tuchembere muchikuvara misana" nhasi mave kuda mari inobva kutuchembera, Magabe stop this circus. You stole $15bn you did not realise the crisis in Zimbabwe. You are joking and a shame. Thieves, murderers and corrupt bastards . Whats wrong with you . You people are not serious, 36yrs in power and still blaming the West and nhasi moda mari kubva kuwest. I pray your breed be taken to jail. Hamunyari. Matisvoresa nenyika
Anonymous user 2016 September 15 08:30:05
Diasporans cannot vote, but they can pay tax instead like how does that work?
Anonymous user 2016 July 23 01:41:23
Zimbabweans abroad have the right to vote in a fair and free country. Vote these morons out of government and have leaders who will use our tax money for the state purposes. They are so corrupt and ruling out country to serve their interests. They must bring back money invested overseas back in our country. Their investments must be taxed as well. Zanu PF, get it. The citizens want you off from the ruling chair, you are thieves and corrupt, murders! Where is Itai Dzamara and others who you have silenced and now missing! Citizens are fed up with you. I am so angry with you right now. Where is the money for toll gates going? Roads were made by Smith regime and we had no toll gates, now we have toll to use the same roads. Now roads full of pot holes, no eduqate roads signs . Hospitals, transport , industries, education systems & etc, you have killed it all. We simply want you to step down. ZIMBABWE is not for ZANU PF . Stop it please. We are tired of you. You failed even to give respect to the War vets who fought for out country. They men and women deserve more!
Anonymous user 2016 July 15 10:15:00
People will just stop sending the money through formal channels. The government of Zimbabwe must admit that failed the whole country and should others with fresh ideas to take over and move the country forward. They blame everyone but themselves
Anonymous user 2016 June 07 05:22:32
I was planning on keeping my citizenship but with this I'll gladly renounce. And Zimbabwe is so poor they gladly give me a visa so I can spend my forex over there. You want my money then everyone living soul in Zimbabwean government should resign, let new leadership come in and make show us where our tax dollars will go. Not pay for Mugabes birthday bashes and his children's tuition. Fuck you Zimbabwean government
Anonymous user 2016 May 24 06:27:21
This is absolutely nonsense get rid of the current leadership and things will be normal. The current leadership has proved to be useless and have failed to bring about change what difference will it make when you are taxing the poor citizen out of the country? The Mugabe government has failed it's country and it's people. Please stop abusing your citizen.
Anonymous user 2016 May 22 21:05:47
This is funny. You told me to renounce my birthright, I am no longer a citizen. So I left. Now you want me to pay you?
Anonymous user 2016 May 22 10:59:51
You guys are seriously joking. You cant even account for your own expenses and now you want to tap into peoples hard earned money. As long as they are not in that country there is no low that permits you to do so. This time you are really pushing it. Cut your government salaries and manage your resources well. And stop funding into nonsense schemes that are only beneficial to a selected political segment.
Anonymous user 2016 May 22 07:35:12
Before all this nonsense talk to the Matebeleland people aboutthe Gukurawundi massacre. You want money from the very people you killed destroyed them for your own greed. Alila nhloni. Power real corrupts. Go and wake up my families from their graves then you can think of me giving you my money. Over my dead body will have anything from me. Alilanhloni you have all the mansions in the world you still steal from us who have nothing. No families nust trying to survive in an honest manner. Think Gukurawunde first ask for Forgiveness then talk to people about re building the nation. Lina liya bheda inhloko zenu ziqine nje ngelitshe. WenaMugabe and your corrupt Generals greedy people go to HELL and burn forever
Anonymous user 2016 May 22 00:11:11
Hogwash,fairytale,dreams,nonsense,stupid,wishful thinking, never in my lifetime contribute to making oppressors richer than what they are now
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 14:19:51
I double dare you come get it.. Stop halucinating 😜
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 12:58:37
I am not going to pay for mugabe's weekly wasteful and unnecessary trips to Singapore
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 10:27:01
Taxing nationals in the diaspora requires cooperation and healthy relationships with foreign powers. Zimbabwe has neither. The money I sent home is an effective and burdensome tax already on my income. They are wet dreamers who have no logical and legal pathway for this rediculous proposal!
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 09:34:37
Clearly it is hard to escape these shackles of the zim government!! So we get to be double taxed just people have failed to run a small country like zimbabwe. Citizens can't keep on suffering because of their mistakes!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 06:04:51
Typo error -- kana kuzvipfura nhamo yabata. Our God is in control
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 06:02:12
There is power in prayer ladies and gentlemen. Let's not stoop down to their level. This already is a sign that they are defeated. They have realized that all Zimbabweans are rallying against Mugabe and his team. Their time is running out especially for Mugabe and his wife. They too need prayer God is victorious al the time. The devil and his team yaMugabe are liars saka musapedza nweya wenyu muchitukirira asi to praise God for what He is doing and will continue to do. Vose vana Chiyangwa vakaba makambani vachivhaira kuti ndine Mari iyo iri yekuba muchavaona vofamba nemanyatera kana kuzviuraya nhasi yabata coz our Gid is in control and He does His things in. Timely manner. Pray, praise and be blessed.
Anonymous user 2016 May 21 00:22:57
Chinamasa uchamama can't u open yo eyes and c. The ship u is sinking. U and all yo cronies we know u.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 22:58:24
Hama vadiwa regai kutukirira nekuti havana nzeve dzokunzwa, kana maziso ekuzviverenga havana. Ngatinamatei, Jehovah Mwari vane mhinduro. Their time is running out as fast as lightning. The devil and themselves are one. So musarega Zanu ichikudhonzerai kumadhaka. Ngatinamatei Mwari vachiri pedyo zvirongwa zvewakaipa zvishaye basa. Kunonga aripi zvino. Jehovah Mwari havasekwe.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 22:24:56
Manje game iroro hamulume chinhu. We will pay suppliers of goods directly in off shore accounts, we will send our monies to SA, Bots kana Zambia chaiyo.. i promise you, you will loose heavily. Kana cent ramunowana chairo... try us!! Mhata dzevanhu!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 20:05:51
Kumhata kwenyu isu hatiuyeko,Idyai zvihuta makanyarara
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 19:50:58
Masela seliswele phela ubusela sobulificile, we are coming for you, lizawukhomba umuzi olotswala, zilima zothuvi
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 17:04:00
Just return the $15billion u stole..eish ndogwadziwa nevanhu vasina nyadzi nehomwe dzisingagute...i doubt if the devil is as cruel as our leaders...
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 15:32:24
Not sure what they are smoking especially their high priest Mugabe. Recently he was abusing the diaspora achiti tinogeza misana namatako echembere dzevachena.Nhasi he unashamedly wants a piece of our hard earned and already taxed dollar. There is no further evidence to the insanity of the prelate and his minions than this. Fuck yourselves guys. As for me, I do not need to vote at all under Mugabe's system because he will Nikuv the process and achieve his predetermined outcome. Mnagangwa will do the same as he has been the chief architect of this fraud and violence. Garai nekanyika kenyu ikako.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 15:28:20
imbwa netsikidzi imi. ndimi makandidzidzisa here. hazviiti and fullstop!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 14:30:49
Mikosho yenyu vanhu vezanu makapedza kuba zvose munyika madakutitevera kuzotibira futi muchamama matuzvi nokuti hamuchina wamuchabira vana vezimbabwe tasvinura ndati vezimbabwe kwete vamugabe
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 14:22:57
Just bring back the money all the fat cats have stolen .not hard to work that one out
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 14:22:54
Lingazoshlanyela lina mdidi yabonyoko
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 14:14:14
You have f**ked up our country stole every penny every mineral you can find in country You have stolen peoples dignity. You have stolen our heritage in the name of zanu muri bwa dzevhanu we are not going to give you a cent you can get f**ked
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 13:38:07
Mboko dzevanhu, kuda kubira vanhu, vamwe ma skills acho they obtained kudiaspora ikoko manje zvamakadya zvakakwana, varume vakuru kutogara pasi muchifunga mobira sei vanhu, this was the best solution you came up with on rebuilding Zim, pathetic!! Regenerating more money than FDI? Hanti u dont have faith in your fellow countrymen kuti they are capable yekuva ne ma companies anobudirira.shame on you!!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 13:37:50
They should let us Vote first, for the presidential elections.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 13:13:05
There is no way they will get a cent from me. They can dream on!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 12:59:19
Do i get to vote if i pay my taxes? Cause if not, no thsnks!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 12:53:09
Hahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah GOOD LUCK ASS HOLES!!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 12:14:44
You want us to pay tax twice. no ways
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 10:35:38
Corrupt fatcats want yours and my money to further their dictatorship, All that money is going into their fat wallets,we don't want to further enrich you,takethat tax from your exorbitant salaries that are tax free,and piss off our hard earned money, I don't remember the dictatorship paying for my airfare, we came out of Zim because of corruption, nepotism and murder of our people,so don'tinsult our iintelligence, piss off my money,ID rather denounce my status as the country has gone to them Zanu of dogs,literally.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 09:47:10
Seriously they need to be admitted to a mental hospital and hang around with likeminded or rot in there
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 09:41:30
keep telling yourself that! Yes it will happen, but only in your dreams #thisflag
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 09:32:07
I will renounce my citizenship kkkkkk.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 09:23:50
Ndimi makandikwidza bhazi kuuya kuno. Make things right back home and i would be happy to come back and work and pay my taxes
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 09:06:21
It's the Best Idea for an Idiot who does not know how to think....Yes I'm a Diaspora who will pay Tax in exchange of Letting Us Vote out side Zimbabwe and see how long you will have these Ideas!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 08:05:30
It's a stupid idea! But they can do it. Make everyone coming home pay an entry fee!!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 08:02:30
They must kiss my ass....they must take their lips, put them onto my ass and French kiss it....
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 07:43:53
Hmmm, yes, this sounds like a good idea... if I was on FUCKING MARS or some other planet.. you guys can go and tax your own team of damn government Kronies!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 06:58:35
Who even wants to vote any way, what difference does it make when the results are rigged😳
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 06:56:27
You can tax my butt crack after a 12hr shift
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 06:52:21
To whom it may concern I was wondering how you came about this idea of taxing people in diaspora, just curious because the only logical thing I can think about is that you are a drug addict and meth is your drug of choice and when you thought of this idea you were high as f**k. Instead of focusing on finding the 15 billion you lost you want to tax rob the people that actually work hard towards caring for people back home. You want to rob the people that are picking up your slack, you want to rob the people who despite your bullsh*t contribute to keeping that economy afloat. Really! I got two word for you BITCH PLEASE!
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 05:36:13
Mbavha dzevanhu. This time hamulume. Mazimbwa. U burnt our houses and u killed my brother misatanyoko yenyu mese.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 02:36:03
Zanu pf yashaya nyaya vakabatsira mari yenyika maakutitera takasiya nzara ivo vachirembedza matumbu nemachende ane choya. Fuck off.
Anonymous user 2016 May 20 02:32:54
Ngatange nechimukwasha chake na Bona vari two asiyanenesu kutishayisa mufaro. Kabichi remunhu
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 22:39:31
This government seems to be on a mission to piss off every single Zimbabwean with at least half a brain... How can you honestly say sh*t like that and expect to be re-elected. Ndiyo inonzi sign yekupererwa manje iyi...
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 22:26:21
musatanyoko waamaivako dhodhi chairo, shure ine honye. makauraya nyika mari dzese dzamurikuba munofunga hatizviziva. Pamhata penyu mese, muchaitongoro nerimwe gore hapana chisingapere pasi pezuva kana Hitler chaiye akaita zvinorova asi zvakapera. your end is very near! Its better to be under colony uchiguta than liberal ndichifanenzara nxaa! ini yangu hapana yamunobata, varoyi.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 22:21:06
Is it April Fools Day again already?
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 22:06:54
To all ZANU PF PEOPLE liyizinja MSUNU YENU NONKE !!! especially you Mugabe and your grandson!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 22:04:44
Dont f**k with my money!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 21:57:01
Kupenga uku, makuda Mule get Kulererw Kupererwa uku, vakungoomoka...!!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 21:42:04
Stupid idiots! Someone needs a real job. Who drafts such bullshit?
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 21:16:26
This is the shitiest news I heard all year. A grown man actually sat down to think of such nonsense? !! This Mugaga asshole has no right to tax anyone who isn't in the country. Why should I give you money when I'm not even living there. "Tap into MY purse" . Dumb f**k!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 20:51:54
Kumhata kwavo vazvinzwa here???.misuri yakaputana sh*t house imba izere matuzvi..nxaaaaa...
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 20:50:21
Please hama dzangu imbondiudzai shuwa..Hingiranda ingape mukana iwowo wekumama kumastupid idiots ekuZimbo here???..kuvapa mvumo yekupindirwa muHMRevenue vachibirwa nemaNiggars ekuZim here shuwa kufunga kwenyu??...
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 20:08:21
Matako avo. Vashaya zvekuita ka kuda kuti netsa. We will stop sending those remittances mumame. Vanhu vepi vasinganeti kuba. Coming back to Zimbabwe is sickening cz of the way the gvt has destroyed infrastructure. Corruption is rampant and niggas are stealing unapologetically and u talk this nonsense. And who organise a million march for a decommissioned horse. Itai easy mani
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 19:54:56
Fees kuvaarsity takebhadhara tega. Hativhote pihwai mari nevamakapa mascholarship
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 19:28:57
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 19:13:41
Vari kutaura zveku mama!! Misatanyoko yavo vese vari kufunga kuita izvi. Yangu hamulume kana penny zvaro! We will find other ways of supporting our relatives. Imbwa dzevanhu.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 18:57:58
This will serve to ensure that the informal sector of remittances prospers. Such a silly thought really.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 18:56:14
I their dream. Fools 🙄
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 18:53:32
Tsek mhata dzevanhu..... People are already struggling as is, now these vultures, mavampire want to suck the last bit of life out of that little that people r left with. Someone give me a f**kin gun plz i will fight!! What kind of f**kery is this!!!??😤😤
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 17:59:50
Mwari vanhu vaya vatanga imwezve. Vanotochiya tumari twatinopa hama dzedu when they live like kings. Through parties own a lot home and away. After all the insults we got. That's a dream someone wake them up please.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 17:46:09
I get taxed in the country I am presently residing and am happy too because of the great service that government provides for me. I also get tax returns at the end of the year...why would i pay tax to Patrick Chimamisos coffers when they dont deliver?? Chimamiso must go eat a dick because hapana kana dhora raachawana from me
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 17:44:30
Handina mazhinji kunze kwekuti msatanyoko.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 17:13:26
Obert Mpofu & Chinamasa's faces make me wanna puke.....I don't want them passing any comments about my hard earned cash
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 16:29:40
Not a bad idea if they can manage the money. We want receipts and refunds for the £15000000000 first.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 15:20:35
i have a perfect plan for them.... Im going to take all my family out ... my dad and 2 siblings out of Zim and that means handichina need yekutumira mari kuzim.... vanondiwana kupi?... and in the process of changing citizenship. .. thank God i have a very small family and I am going to denounce the zim citizenship. ..... havanyari
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 15:01:33
ibwa sungata dzevanhu #hatitye#hatichada #majairira streki
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 14:44:19
This will not be happening in other countries. Why are we children of zimbabwe putting up with this kakashit. Its about we zimbos should take action in our on hands. Kick the bastards out by an uprising.....
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 14:39:08
Oh my my! What a load of bullshit. The country needs a finance minister who has got brains and a bit education behind, even to grade seven. Not these uneducated parasites, vairova ma teacher nema rekeni. Got the ministerial posts through bribes and killing other poeples families and stealing. Where do you get off?
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 14:06:27
Impossible... Not wasting my fingers typing more😑
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 13:49:25
whoever brought that up needs brain transplant and mukosho wamai vake bona.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 13:09:07
Let the diaspora vote if you want to tax them
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 13:02:12
Matuzvi chaiwo..vanenge vakatsamira dhodhi here pavanenge vachifunga all this nonsense.. Mauraya nyika mbwa dzevanhu.. Beside togona kungotora citizenship yekuno izvozvi kuti mumame.. hamulume..
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 12:53:47
Pakuda uprising apa we cannot continue to tolerate this rubbish by this regime. This government has failed a one precious and prosperous bread basket.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 10:11:39
zvoorwadza wedu wee tiikutambura ku diaspora kwacho nekutumira kumusha fees ne chikafu moti maakuda taxi this I pure madness hama dzangu todiiko nehutungamirir hwehuorri xxxxaaaaa
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 09:34:22
How are they even going to do it wotoshaya kuti zvichafamba sei. Eat your own vomit and leave us alone tax your millionaires more who are living pretty like yous
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 09:26:55
Stupid idiots... Vamwe vedu takatiza nzara nekurohwa.. and u expect us to send money... Im not a fool really
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 09:15:15
Paying tax twice mbwa dzevanhu imbwa ikange nani inoziva Tenzing way . This failed state handishaisa mate mukanwa buying your new car from Europe pay 70-75% duty what's next mugabe holiday levy . Mqbonds ... chinyika chedu ichika ahhh tinzwe reinstall tsitsi ipai vandalism ku vaka nyika iyi kwete mahumbwe ayo zvikwereti kanyika kadidiki so hobho . Purizi Vamugabe and all protocol observed it's time to pass the power over to someone who doesn't abuse the state assets look at your ministers 50k a month taking vacations kunana dubai.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:55:00
Ndohunonzi hidofo. Haiwawo. They don't want us to vote tiri kwatiri but want our hard earned cash kuti vabe futi vanhu vachifa me nzara. All those Ministered should sell their assets to boost economy. This is so annoying. Kuba ndokwavanogona bedzi. They just think abt themselves nxaaa
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:49:15
Zvekumama izvo...imbwa dzevanhu...vajaira kudya zvemahara...
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:41:44
Tax! Hmmm ohh u mean stealing from the diaspora people!! This zim gov should line up an go choke on a dick!! Grace should be first on the this queue!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:27:58
Imbwa dzevanhu!!! Makauraya nyika and now you want to kill us???? Munopenga!!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:26:45
Zvekupenga izvo. Zimba has failed to the core. Useless president and idiots of ministers. I cant pay tax to a country im not benefiting anything.
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 08:14:44
Stupid we work hard and pay tax here don't think so
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 07:58:48
Madiamond makaba mari now you want to steal our hard earned money tengesai maassetts aGrace abhadharewo tax !!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 07:56:45
Hamunyare mbavha dzevanhu !!
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 07:54:27
Anopenga ndobhadhara tax how many times tibhadhare tax kuti grace awake Mari dzekuba !,
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 07:52:27
Utter nonsense these thieving morons
Anonymous user 2016 May 19 07:08:15
Its amazingly funny to think that the same government that literally send us fleeing expect us to rebuild an economy that they distroy willingly. Only unless they make progress that i want will i make put my money on them.
Anonymous user 2016 May 18 21:32:05
How many times are we going to pay for taxes as we are already paying taxes in these foreign countries
Anonymous user 2016 May 18 16:53:43
And then when they get the resources and the money from the Diaspora they steal it and share it among themselves. The Diaspora people are already sending money to their families as the government is already struggling to keep this people alive and now they wanna tax us

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