Midweek Digest With Masola Wadabudabu: Once Upon A Time

Midweek Digest With Masola Wadabudabu: Once Upon A Time
Published: 2016 June 08 18:09:09 (1132 Views)

Once upon a time there was a country called Zimbabwe. That country used to be a little jewel cute Jewel of Africa. Every person who appreciated tranquility and general functionality of a country had Zimbabwe in their itinerary. The country's citizens used to move with their heads high. The people simply oozed with proud patriotism and pride.

Like all things that involve humans do face some form of demise, the Jewel that Zimbabwe once was just disappeared into thin air. There were no warnings and no long term sickness sickness to suggest that the country would fail as a state. The citizens had not seen it coming, or even going. Suddenly suffering, hunger, turmoil, danger and anger became the order of the day. Zimbabwe the Jewel was no more there; all that remained were the not so distant memories of the good times that once rolled.

Indeed Zimbabwe is no longer what she used to be. There is a sense of unease within the population. The citizens have lost all the confidence they used to flaunt around. They move around cautiously as if they are being serenaded by the distant sounds of drums of war. The people are dejected, irritatingly alert but resigned to an indescribable fate of misfortune. Zimbabweans hang their heads in shame at the casual mention of their country. Indeed the demise of Zimbabwe has taken away their pride, their obligation to continuously pledge patriotic attachment and their sense of belonging.

It is painful to note that people are almost normalising the sorrowful situation they have been put in by irresponsible politicians. Long never-ending queues at the banks are like normal occurrences in today's Zimbabwe. The citizen's inability to access their monies in the banks is considered a small glitch. It is considered normal for workers to go for months without receiving any remuneration. The malfunctioning government continues to gain confidence in its state of omnipotence after discovering that people will acquiesce to its inefficiency and vapid approach to governing.

Yes, Zimbabwe was once a Jewel, and yes Zimbabwe is now a bad dream that refuses to go away. Each time Zimbabweans go to sleep they pray to wake up to another Zimbabwe unlike the hell-hole they have become accustomed to and each time they wake up they are confronted with Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Mugabe's Zimbabwe was once a Jewel and now it is a shell of her glorious past with so many Mugabe Avenues, Mugabe Street, Mugabe Boulevards and Mugabe Highways but no roadmap to recovery.

Most citizens who experienced the good vibes that Zimbabwe exuded when she was a functioning state  wonder in silent awe as they reminisce on the good old days that are gone. They ask themselves whence this streak of bad fortune originated. The ponder hard on the nature and intentions of whatever spirit or god has breathed the foul breath of suffering upon their nation. The answers are not coming easily, only more problems manifest with no solutions in sight. Each time a solution is proffered, there is an increase in the intensity of the problems.

One thing Zimbabweans have in abundance is their unwavering faith that things will get better. They refuse to bring anyone to account for the misery they find themselves in. A visitor from outer space will marvel at the strong bond shared between the people and those responsible for the dire situation. The suffering people are like married women who endure an abusive relationship for an eternity for the proverbial sake of the children. For Zimbabweans, it is like they   signed an oath of an everlasting marriage with an abusive partner whose speciality is dishing physical pain and concocting emotional turmoil unto them.

Sadly Zimbabweans carry a kind of forlorn stupor as they refuse to mitigate their misfortunes. They remain resolutely faithful in their beliefs that whatever god or deity is causing them this suffering, the same deity or god will have mercy on them one day. They hold a strong belief that all they need to do is wallow in poverty in watchful wait for the day the gods will decide to deliver them from this evil afflicting them.  Zimbabwe needs another way. The overused Mugabe Way is offering the country a bumpy ride to certain doom.

- Zim Metro

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