RBZ Announce Bond Notes Launch Date

RBZ Announce Bond Notes Launch Date
Published: 2016 May 29 06:31:06 (9315 Views)
Bond notes will start circulating around August 2016 – and not June as previously projected – as their production takes at least four months, central bank Governor Dr John Mangudya has said.

Government has also ruled out reintroducing the Zimbabwe dollar “anytime soon”, saying the multi-currency system will remain operational even when bond notes come aboard.

Mangudya said that experts were desigining the new notes, with other processes to be wrapped up in four to five months.

In the interim, he said, authorities would import additional cash and promote the full basket of currencies.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa said bond notes were aimed at restoring the multi-currency system and not reintroducing the Zimbabwe dollar.

RBZ Deputy Governor Dr Kupukile Mlambo said the dispensation was foolproof and discounted claims it would oil the currency parallel market.”

- Sunday Mail

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Anonymous user 2016 May 31 14:52:46
Just answer the question - WHERE HAS OUR MONEY GONE ??????? If you cannot answer, do the right thing, resign and go away