Prophet Magaya Sucked In Another Sex Scandal

Prophet Magaya Sucked In Another Sex Scandal
Published: 2016 May 27 11:18:49 (5630 Views)
A female church member and former worker of controversial preacher, Walter Magaya, says the clergyman sexually pleasured himself on her.

In an official legal letter availed by the South Africa based The Herdboy portal, the woman, Angela Charakupa, says the married preacher used her for his carnal gratification while claiming he would soon marry her.

If the claim proves true, Charakupa would be the second woman to humiliate the preacher after the late Chipo Chakanyuka who two years ago died mysteriously after being forcibly sent by Magaya on a fake Botswana church assignment as the latter’s mother reveals .

Charakupa’s letter of demand was reportedly delivered to Magaya’s Waterfalls offices on Thursday.

The Headboy says close links to PHD ministries leaked the contents of the letter delivered by Angela Charakupa represented by DEBWE & PARTNERS LEGAL PRACTITIONERS of 6th floor,Pockets building, Jason Moyo avenue Harare.

The letter of demand reads as follows:-


1. We have been consulted and act for and of behalf of Miss ANGELA CHARAKUPA in the above matter. Please note our client’s interest therein.

2. Our client has instructed us that in March 2014, she joined your Ministry, namely Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministries (PHD) and then two (2) weeks later, you recruited her to market and advertise your Ministry on YADAR TV.We are instructed that our client appeared on TV in April, in some of our local newspapers and also on some online publications for the said purpose. Thereafter our client was deployed in your Ministry’s International Relations (IR) office at at Waterfalls and would receive a salary of US$400.00.

3. We are further instructed that thereafter, a love affair developed between yourself and our client. We are further instructed that as a result thereof and in September 2014,you then promised to marry our client, purchase a flat for her, a vehicle of her own choice and also give her some money that would greatly improve her social status in the society. We are also further told that during the existence of the engagement you would give her some gifts and money and engage in sexual intercourse with her on the understanding that you would marry her. We confirm that we have the full particulars of the said sexual relations.

4. However, in or about mid 2015 ,and to our client’s dismay, you repudiated the said agreement by displaying conduct that clearly amounted to a refusal to proceed with the promised marriage. We are informed that the said repudiation was wrongful and you acted animo iniuriandi.

We are further instructed that the aforesaid breach was injurious to our client resulting in her leaving your Ministry’s employment in December 2015.

5.We are further instructed that as a further result of your breach of the aforesaid contract ,our client has suffered both contractual and delictual damages. She has interalia suffered loss of financial benefits of the promised marriage and also damages by the reason of your contumacious breach of contract whereby her personal dignity and reputation have been severely impaired. We are informed that some of her former workmates and other members of your Ministry were aware of the said relationship. We are further informed that our client was a Counselor in your Ministry and as such would be consulted by many girls for counseling sessions, she leant that you have multiple sexual partners.

As a result thereof ,our client is now extremely concerned about her health condition and has been advised by her close relatives to undergo some medical tests.

In the circumstances hereof ,our client has instructed us to demand from you ,as we hereby do and within seven (7) days from date of service of this letter:

(a) payment of the sum of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS (US$ 500 000.00) in full and final settlement of all her claims against you and

(b) a full and unconditional apology for all whatv you did to her during the period of your association.

Should we not receive payment of the said amount as aforestated ,our client shall be compelled to approach the Hight Court of Zimbabwe for releaf. Our client’s strict instructions are to proceed with the above matter to its final end and determination and she is in possetion of incontrovertible evidence to support her claim.

We now await to here from you.



Legal Practitioners

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Anonymous user 2016 May 27 21:29:56
and thats a lie... why is that charakupa of lady decided to show up now...if its poverty say so you will be helped zvakanaka.dont create false stories on anointed ones...argg

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